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Stacy Rae Mednick’s Body Type Workout System is an 8-week system to help educate, inspire & help women better understand their body type. This system includes 10 exercises that are specific for your body type and have been created to get the best possible results. The 8 week food & exercise log helps to get you the exerciser on track with healthy eating & exercise. It is a book packed with information that is a must have for being your personal best and learning to love the body you were born with.

Get your body-type paperback book now for only $34.99. Purchase the book below by clicking on the image, which takes you to a PayPal link. Once PayPal funds are sent, send Stacy Rae an email at¬†¬†letting her know. If you’d like to pay by Venmo, connect with @StacyRae-Mednick. If you need another option to purchase the book, please contact Stacy Rae.

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Full body workout for women over 40.

Full Body aerobic circuit training workout for women over 40

Full body workout for women to feel fit and fabulous @ forty and beyond