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Hi! I’m Stacy Rae Mednick, owner of Healthy N Fit with Stacy Rae, founder of OC Fitness Mama. I know how busy we all get with our lives, especially as a busy woman/mom. I offer in-home personal training or semi-private-training (3-4 women) sharing a session. This can be in a client’s home, or in my home studio. I also offer virtual personal training, semi-private-training and health coaching to guide you through at-home workouts and coaching in the safety and privacy of your own home. 

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Join me on-line for a semi-private or one-one personal training session in my Zoom room.

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private sessions

One on one Personal Training gives you the highest level of service for your tailored training program. 

health coaching

Working with a health coach is becoming more popular than ever to help you reach your health, fitness and nutritional goals.


This is a very motivating way to lose weight, tone up and share your training time with other like-minded women.

online training

Using an online platform training with Stacy Rae in privates, semi-privates or groups. 

in-home training

Stacy Rae customizes your sessions at your home. These private sessions give you the highest level of service for your tailored training program. 

at stacy rae's home

Come to Stacy Rae’s custom in-home studio. A motivating way to lose weight, tone up and share your training time with other like-minded women.

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Full body workout for women over 40.

Full Body aerobic circuit training workout for women over 40

Full body workout for women to feel fit and fabulous @ forty and beyond

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Client Testimonials

Testimony from Elisa 

I started to see Stacy Rae on Sept 11, 2009.  I was almost 49 years old.  I knew that I wanted to be in better physical shape by the time I reached my 50th Birthday. Stacy Rae was excited for my decision.  She made up a program which stretched me but was achievable. 

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She made up a program which stretched me but was achievable. For several years it was one-on-one training but as I gained confidence in my physical abilities, she encouraged me to join a small group.  The small group was great because we got to know each other and encouraged one another plus a little bit of healthy competition is always good. I can say that today after being with Stacy Rae and training with her for over 11 years, I may be 60 years old, but I am stronger and healthier for it.  I always get compliments that I look younger than my age and that I look fit.  If I was dragging after work, going to work out Monday nights always re-energized me and helped my moods.  I looked forward to the physical exertion and the camaraderie of the other women.  Today I give Stacy Rae credit for my physical health and my ability to do my job which is being a dental assistant.  The core work has helped my posture and enables me to do my very physical work with minimal pain. Being physical and committing to a regular exercise program should not be feared or dreaded:  It is the best gift one could give themselves – It keeps on giving.

 Testimony from Helena

What an amazing coach and woman you truly are Stacy Rae! I have valued our workout sessions and the progress you’ve helped me make on my weight loss and health journey. I would NOT be this far along in my goals without your coaching and knowledge!

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I’ve learned that exercise should be looked at as a blessing. You introduced me to the “cardio bank”, exercise that can be done in any increments throughout the day, and that I can ALWAYS get my NEAT exercises in!

 Your book, Stacy Rae Mednick’s Body Type Workout System, taught  me that negative self talk is worthless. I also love how the book shows easy, step by step exercises designed specifically for my body type, Meso Endomorph.

 I invested in me this year and you’ve given me all the tools to keep that success going.  Strong is beautiful! 

Thank you Stacy Rae!